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Kitchen and bathroom brassware are vital aspects of a home. Not a day goes by where they are not used. Taps, showers, basin wastes, and bidets are some of the main components of kitchens and bathrooms. Because of this, they would be the first element of a bathroom or kitchen that would be swapped out for a more stylish alternative. So if you’re looking for pristine and robust brassware for the kitchen or bathroom, why not have a look at our Xcel Home range.

Xcel Home have been a dedicated supplier of high quality brassware since 2014. Alongside producing high quality brassware, they have specialised in producing taps that are in line with current home trends. Allowing you to renovate your kitchen/bathroom with the hottest new taps on the market. All of their products are painstakingly checked for their quality in the UK. Providing you with that extra assurance when choosing Xcel Home for your kitchen and bathroom decorating needs.

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