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From making a bird house to making skyscrapers construction is a process in which one expresses a design into reality. For every step of this process, different materials are required to produce high quality results in these steps. Here at Toolbase Ltd we’re stocked with high quality materials for you to perform construction to the best of your ability. Check out our collection of construction materials to be prepared for any project that comes your way.

Sheds are a safe haven for your tools and other garden related items. They house them and protect them from rain, snow and other weather conditions. So it is imperative that the shed itself is durable and able to stand against harsh weather conditions. Look no further than our shed components. High quality and durable, our shed components are ready to be installed into your shed. Ready to provide cladding, flooring and other needs a shed has.

Browse our range of shed components today and find the essentials your shed needs.

Shed Components