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Check out our all centeral heating in Walsall, Update your central heating system with our extensive range of single radiators, double radiators and double single radiators. We offer radiators that come in a wide variety of sizes to fit any home. These radiators are sometimes referred to as trade radiators or panel radiators. They play a key role in helping to heat homes and offices. Our huge range of sizes with great heat outputs can cater for any size of room.

Browse our type 11, type 21 and type 22 radiators. The first digit indicates the number of panels and the second digit indicates number of convectors. The type 21 double radiator has a single convector in a white finish. Alternatively, try our double radiator that comes as a type 22 radiator for all your central heating needs. The type 11 single radiator is fitted with top grilles and side panels with a white paint finish. All our central heating radiators come with radiator brackets, wall fixings and bleed plugs.

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