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Discover the chisels, files and rasps selection available. Files and rasps are designed to be used between saws and sandpaper. Our flat files, half round files, round files can be used for creating grooves, and for finishing metal.

Shape wood and other materials with a rasp set. Rasps are coarse files that have individually cut teeth, making them ideal to be used to smooth a surface. Rasps have uniform teeth, ensuring an even finish and quick work of metal removal and shaping.

Wood chisels are an integral part of any woodworking workshop. Suitable for both commercial and domestic users, wood chisels have accurately-sharpened heads which ensure they can be used with precision. Chisel sets and wood carving chisels with bevelled edges are available, allowing them to be used for rough work, in addition to fine scraping.

All our chisels, files & rasps are high quality and designed to last.

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