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Take a look at our range of clamps ideal for securing and carrying plasterboard and other materials. Our clamps are designed to secure or hold any object. They’re ideal for carpentry, metalworking or welding projects. These essential and versatile tools securely grip objects to prevent movement or separation. They come in a wide range of sizes and different clamping forces. You can choose from different styles and features. Including quick-release triggers, plastic or steel jaws and ergonomic handles.

Purchase a G clamp to hold wood or metal in carpentry and welding or, for the tightest grip, choose a ratchet clamp. For a wider opening capacity choose an F clamp or consider a sash clamp to exert high pressure. For gluing and holding delicate objects together, choose a spring clamp. Browse corner clamps, ideal for working with corners of furniture and quick release clamps for a one handle quick release of the material.

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