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Check out our range of high quality hammers useful for a number of trades and purposes. We stock claw hammers, brick hammers and many more from trusted brands.

Hammers are a basic yet essential tool for many trades. They are used in wide range of construction projects including driving, nailing and breaking. Available in various types and materials to suit all needs and applications. Specialist rubber grips on the handle can help to increase comfort and increase shock absorbance. Longer handles give a high striking force suitable for demolition jobs, whilst shorter styles offer more accuracy and control for use in confined spaces. The heads are available in various weights and are typically manufactured from heat treated steel for toughness.

Pound or extract nails with ease using a claw hammer. Chip and remove brick with a brick hammer, or for light demolition work choose a club hammer. Pound nails in less blows with a framing hammer, or make holes in slates and a claw for pulling nails with a slater hammer.

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