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Our wide range of saws & blades are a must have to any tradesman or DIY enthusiast. Often used for cutting wood, some hand saws can also be used for cutting metal and plastic. When choosing your handsaw, consider the type of cut you need to do and the size of the material. The bigger the material, the larger the blade required. Teeth per inch (TPI) is also an important consideration; the higher the TPI, the smaller the teeth on the blade. Handsaws with fewer teeth per inch will often have bigger teeth making them ideally suited to quick work such as building stud walls where a rough finish is acceptable. For tasks where a cleaner finish is required, opt for a finer blade with a higher TPI. Choose from a wide range of Handsaws suitable for a range of tasks.

Our range covers hacksaws and hardpoint saws. We also offer drywall jab saws for cutting into plasterboard and difficult areas. We also supply junior hacksaws and blades. Replacing saw blades is easy, as we offer a number of replacement blades for your saws. All our saws & blades are high quality and built to last.

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