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Check out our huge range of spanners and wrenches, in all shapes and sizes, in a wide variety of different types. Our selection includes general-purpose spanners and adjustable spanners, as well as specialist tools like box spanners and valve spanners.

Wrenches are used for one purpose only; to tighten, or loosen, bolts or nuts. You’ll need the correct wrench size to match the nut you’re trying to tighten. That’s where either our standard wrenches or adjustable wrenches could come in handy. You also need to consider the length of the wrench arm. Longer arms enable you to apply more torque to the nut. Giving you the peace of mind that the nut is properly fastened. Also, consider the space you have to work with and move around in when choosing the length of the wrench arm.

Spanners and wrenches are used across many trades in a number of areas for many different applications. These include tap spanners, ratchet spanners, box spanners and combination spanners.

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